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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

plank wall in the dining room - reveal!

oh my goodness after *way* too long,
I'm so excited to show you guys our DIY horizontal plank wall!
[summer stylin]
Even though this wall is officially in our home's dining room, we temporarily moved our dining table into the kitchen and we're enjoying it for now this room has been repurposed into a nice little reading area.

I'll have the tutorial and cost breakdown coming soon, I promise. For now let's just bask in a few pictures shall we?

Here's a shot after just a few boards went up...oh boy oh boy! I could already tell I was going to groove on this in a serious way. Get it...groove? Ok, sorry about letting loose my inner nerd.
[looking good already!]

True to form, stuff wasn't *quite* right. The width of the wall is 10ft 3in and I absolutely did not want to buy 12 foot boards and cut every one of them, and end up with lots of waste.  So as usual, a compromise was in order: we tacked 2 inch wide vertical strips to each end to frame it in and cover up the shortfall.
[oh my gosh, can you feel it?]

[nice little reading area]

PS. we are babysitting the adorable desk for our niece. instead of carrying it down to the garage [it's really heavy], we put it to good use in this room.  I promise we're being gentle and taking good care of it 

Thanks as always for reading, friends!  I'll try to get the tutorial and cost post up soon, but of course if I can answer any questions in the meantime, please do let me know in the Comments below.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tutorial - reviving an old bookcase from yikes to yay.

Sometimes I can't believe the stuff I hang on to. Like this old laminate and metal bookcase from college.
Here she is before in all her blonde wood and black metal glory.
[before. can you say 1990s?]
"C'mon son let it go, you've been dragging that thing around for 20 years", I says to myself.
"Yea, but I can make it better. Stronger. Faster."

Well maybe that's a stretch. Let's just start with prettier and see how it goes.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tutorial: easy-sew envelope pillow covers.

Hi friends!
I hope you're having a wonderful Spring so far.

I'm still working my way through my Spring Spruce Up...just some small changes in our home, little refreshers here and there.

I showed you my easy-sew pillow covers that I made from World Market's wonderful Tatiana curtain panel:
[easy sew pillow covers - from World Market's Tatiana curtain].
Beautiful fabric, right? I'm so pleased with these and they couldn't have been easier to make.  I actually got 4 covers from the smallest size curtain panel...what a steal!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire
~ Ferdinand Foch

I heard this quote for the first time last night at yoga class, and it's really stuck with me. As I moved through my practice, it kept resonating through my head and heart.

And I thought about how truly incredible the human spirit is.

How beautiful, how resilient. How much it yearns to give.

How it is capable of achieving miracles big and small.
[sunset from my home office window, feeling lucky].
While we sometimes focus on this concept on a large scale, take a moment to think about it on a more personal level: those hundreds of small gestures you all make in your houses to turn them into loving homes that embrace the spirit of your lives, and bring comfort and joy to your families.
You are all such an inspiration to me every single day, sometimes I'm overwhelmed.

I believe this comes from the human soul on fire.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

spring spruce up part 2 - a little bit rustic, a little bit glam.

Hi there friends!
It's Thursday. It's almost Friday. That doesn't mean anything, just wanted to do the happy weekend dance.

Ok down to business.

Remember our master bed frame that I showed you last week?
Let's revisit it, shall we?
[before: dark iron inserts].
Yea yea I know you can tell we went furniture shopping in the mid-90s.  But I still actually really like this bed. 

Living in a house that backs up to a forested area, I still like the knotty wood since it translates well into our environment.  One day I'd like to sand it down and refinish it to a more modern wood tone...but that's another project for another day.

I've had my eye on those iron inserts for a while now and since they were just screwed into the frame they were easy to remove, haul down to the garage, and spray paint.

For this easy project, I used one can of Rust-OLeum Champagne Mist [$6.76]
Following the can instructions; shake, shake, shake your booty [and the can], and when you think you think you're done shake some more.  When I was all shook out, I sprayed 2 light coats onto the iron.

As an added bonus, I used the electric screwdriver to drive the mounting screws slightly into an piece of scrap wood and gave them a shot of the Champagne Mist as well...popping them through a cardboard box would've been easier but I inexplicably didn't have one!
[painted screw heads].
Since the bedspread was going to be touching the iron inserts, I did wait the full 24-hour drying time before reinstalling them into the bed.

and voila! not bad for a $6.76 upgrade, eh?
[after: a little bit rustic a little bit glam].
I really adore this Champagne Mist to find other things I can use it on...

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