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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

plank wall in the dining room - reveal!

oh my goodness after *way* too long,
I'm so excited to show you guys our DIY horizontal plank wall!
[summer stylin]
Even though this wall is officially in our home's dining room, we temporarily moved our dining table into the kitchen and we're enjoying it for now this room has been repurposed into a nice little reading area.

I'll have the tutorial and cost breakdown coming soon, I promise. For now let's just bask in a few pictures shall we?

Here's a shot after just a few boards went up...oh boy oh boy! I could already tell I was going to groove on this in a serious way. Get it...groove? Ok, sorry about letting loose my inner nerd.
[looking good already!]

True to form, stuff wasn't *quite* right. The width of the wall is 10ft 3in and I absolutely did not want to buy 12 foot boards and cut every one of them, and end up with lots of waste.  So as usual, a compromise was in order: we tacked 2 inch wide vertical strips to each end to frame it in and cover up the shortfall.
[oh my gosh, can you feel it?]

[nice little reading area]

PS. we are babysitting the adorable desk for our niece. instead of carrying it down to the garage [it's really heavy], we put it to good use in this room.  I promise we're being gentle and taking good care of it 

Thanks as always for reading, friends!  I'll try to get the tutorial and cost post up soon, but of course if I can answer any questions in the meantime, please do let me know in the Comments below.

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