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Thursday, January 30, 2014

the great board & batten wall part 2 - tutorial

Hi friends! As promised, here is the tutorial and materials list for the great board & batten project of 2013...that was started the last week of 2013 so really I guess it's the great project of 2014!

If you missed part 1, here it is...if you're not interested in the nitty-gritty, that's the post you want

Remember what it looked like before? A big empty useless wall. That door goes down to the garage so like everyone else, it's our primary entrance and exit to the house.
A couple of trips to our home away from home, Home Depot to pick up the supplies:

the materials list, all from Home Depot except paint...

  • backboards [optional*]: 1/8"x4'x8' Sparta Oak Panel - 3@11.63 = $34.89
  • horizontal molding: 1"x5"x6' Primed MDF Boards - 3@5.45 = $16.35
  • horizontal molding: 1"x5"x8' Primed MDF Boards - 1@7.26 = $7.26
  • vertical molding: 1"x4"x12' Primed FJ Pine Board - 2@10.14 = $20.28
  • vertical molding: 1"x4"x8' Primed FJ Pine Board - 1@6.76 = $6.76
  • hooks: Liberty 3 inch Heavy-Duty Coat & Hat Hook, Antique Brass - 7@3.28 = $22.96
  • paint: Kelly Moore Dura-Poxy+ untinted semi-gloss - approx 1 quart=$12.50
  • table saw: already owned
  • DAP painter's putty for filling in the nail holes: already owned, barely made a dent in it; about $5.50 for the little tub
  • totally awesome Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer - already owned, but if you want one they're only $129 USD. I swear this is the best $129 I've spent in years
  • DAP's Alex Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk - 1@$1.67=$1.67
*backboards: we wanted a really smooth overall look especially since the paint was going to be glossy and our textured walls weren't going to give us that look. I've seen tons of wonderful board & batten projects with only the vertical battens and horizontal's just not what we wanted here. 

Total cost [excluding nail gun and painter's putty]: $122.59...smokin' deal to completely transform this unused wall into something beautiful and useful!

Measurement pic below:
[the measurements].
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Monday, January 20, 2014

the great board & batten project - an empty wall becomes useful and beautiful!

It's official...the great board and batten project is complete!
and can I just say I'm in love?

This post will just be a description with some before, progress, and after shots.  The full tutorial including materials list and cost will be up soon.  [Update: here's the promised tutorial!]

While I'd dearly love to have a proper mudroom [ha, maybe in the next house!], right now all I have is this super long wall as you come in from the garage.

After 9 years of walking in the garage, turning the corner into the dining room and dumping my...
maybe a hat
...on the poor dining room table, I finally decided to transform that super long wall into a beautiful and functional space.
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Monday, January 6, 2014

4 steps to a beautiful and organized pantry.

Happy New Year friends!

I'm beginning to think there's logic to the decorating magazines starting off the year with organization and clutter-busting tips.

It's something about taking down all the Christmas decorations. While I adore my home all decked out for the holidays, having it suddenly 'bare' is rejuvenating.

It always causes me to look at my home with a fresh eye, and makes me long to tackle organization projects.

So I'd like to start this New Year organizing frenzy with the kitchen pantry...there are so many options here!
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