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Friday, December 6, 2013

the reimagined wreath - chandelier style!

[add fresh greens to an old wreath, embellish and hang from the chandelier].
This year I was determined to do something different with my decorations and I've been thinking of new ways to display wreaths.

So I have this old wreath that I drag out every year and this year I looked at it and thought "oh boy this thing's about on it's last leg..."

But it has a great frame so I figured it was worth keeping around a little longer.  But how to give it a new life?
Hmmm I said. Hmmm again. Staring, staring, getting nowhere.

Ah! Cup of coffee will help. Brief intermission...

Got it! Let's start with some fresh cedar branches.

We have some great cedar trees in our yard, and by far my favorite is called Port Orford Snow Queen.
Isn't that nice? Her branches have bluish, silvery-green foliage that I just adore. And of course she smells heavenly too.

Just a few snips were enough to embellish that old tired wreath, instantly making it more lush, and the fresh bright cedar color gives it a gorgeous contrast.  Right away, that wreath looked a million times better!
[fresh snow queen cedar tucked into the old wreath]
But it still needed more...I tucked a few berry and pinecone picks in, and she was ready to hang. I recommend concentrating the decorations on the side of the wreath since that's the area you'll see most when it's hung up.

I took my favorite gunmetal metallic ribbon and tied 2 lengths onto the wreath frame: one at the 12 and 6 position, and one at the 3 and 9 position. You can tie more lengths on if you want a more ribbony look.
[tie on at least 2 equal lengths of ribbon]
Finally, I cut a length of ribbon about 3 feet long, doubled it over and slipped it under my two tied-on lengths. Tucked the loose ends back through the loop and pulled it tight. I was left with two loose ends to bring up and tie to the chandelier.
[adding the ribbon that will tie to the chandelier]
Now this is the part where you want to bribe a friend, a husband, a neighbor, the mailman, to help you.  One of you holds the wreath from the bottom to take some of the weight off while the other perches precariously on a chair safely on a ladder and ties the loose ribbon ends onto the chandelier.
[the reimagined wreath, with icicles!]
After attaching it to the chandelier, I added some glass icicles on ornament hooks, which was easy since remember this old wreath has a hidden frame!

I just adore this wreath now, and it's such a treat to see it every time I come down the stairs.  When Christmas is over I can simply remove the icicles and the fresh cedar, then do it all again next year!

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