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Monday, January 6, 2014

4 steps to a beautiful and organized pantry.

Happy New Year friends!

I'm beginning to think there's logic to the decorating magazines starting off the year with organization and clutter-busting tips.

It's something about taking down all the Christmas decorations. While I adore my home all decked out for the holidays, having it suddenly 'bare' is rejuvenating.

It always causes me to look at my home with a fresh eye, and makes me long to tackle organization projects.

So I'd like to start this New Year organizing frenzy with the kitchen pantry...there are so many options here!

Start off easy, and maybe this is all you do:
Take everything out, throw away all the old stuff, and wipe down the shelves...ahhh! instant improvement! Put it all back, organizing as you go. This is a *huge* start to an organized and beautiful pantry.
[she's so I have to put everything back in?]
Take another step if you like:
Apply a protective coat of Varathane Water Based Clear Satin Polyurethane to the them a bit of protection and a lovely light sheen.
oh, and hang a hook for your aprons :-)
so cute!

Feeling adventurous? Let's keep going!
Take a happy field trip to your favorite home store to pick up some milk crate sized woven baskets and glass jars. Corralling stuff in pretty containers makes a tremendous difference!

I got these baskets at my wonderful HomeGoods, the glass cracker jars are from Target.

Oh, you saw that amazing glide-out shelf? It was really easy to make:
So you want to go even further with this project? Good for you!

To make our glide-out shelf, we purchased a piece of MDF wood from Home Depot, and cut it to the desired length. On the bottom, we installed these drawer slides from Home Depot. An inexpensive drawer pull [again from Home Depot] completed the shelf.
When it's pushed back, the glide-out is flush with the shelf that it's mounted on. She's pulled forward in this closer pic:
[glide out shelf]
Have you already tackled your pantry? I'd love to see it!

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