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Thursday, March 13, 2014

spring spruce up part 2 - a little bit rustic, a little bit glam.

Hi there friends!
It's Thursday. It's almost Friday. That doesn't mean anything, just wanted to do the happy weekend dance.

Ok down to business.

Remember our master bed frame that I showed you last week?
Let's revisit it, shall we?
[before: dark iron inserts].
Yea yea I know you can tell we went furniture shopping in the mid-90s.  But I still actually really like this bed. 

Living in a house that backs up to a forested area, I still like the knotty wood since it translates well into our environment.  One day I'd like to sand it down and refinish it to a more modern wood tone...but that's another project for another day.

I've had my eye on those iron inserts for a while now and since they were just screwed into the frame they were easy to remove, haul down to the garage, and spray paint.

For this easy project, I used one can of Rust-OLeum Champagne Mist [$6.76]
Following the can instructions; shake, shake, shake your booty [and the can], and when you think you think you're done shake some more.  When I was all shook out, I sprayed 2 light coats onto the iron.

As an added bonus, I used the electric screwdriver to drive the mounting screws slightly into an piece of scrap wood and gave them a shot of the Champagne Mist as well...popping them through a cardboard box would've been easier but I inexplicably didn't have one!
[painted screw heads].
Since the bedspread was going to be touching the iron inserts, I did wait the full 24-hour drying time before reinstalling them into the bed.

and voila! not bad for a $6.76 upgrade, eh?
[after: a little bit rustic a little bit glam].
I really adore this Champagne Mist to find other things I can use it on...

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