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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tutorial - reviving an old bookcase from yikes to yay.

Sometimes I can't believe the stuff I hang on to. Like this old laminate and metal bookcase from college.
Here she is before in all her blonde wood and black metal glory.
[before. can you say 1990s?]
"C'mon son let it go, you've been dragging that thing around for 20 years", I says to myself.
"Yea, but I can make it better. Stronger. Faster."

Well maybe that's a stretch. Let's just start with prettier and see how it goes.

First I unscrewed the whole thing so I was left with the wood shelves separate from the bars that hold it all together.
Now I know that sanding laminate is kind of pointless but I gave the shelves a little roughing-up with the orbital sander anyway. You know, just for laughs. Cause I'm crazy like that.

Next I sprayed the tops and bottoms of the shelves with Zinsser Primer and let dry according to the can's directions.

Up next on the shelves hit list: 2 coats of Ralph Lauren Artist's Studio in eggshell, a lovely grey-blue...oh yes, you've seen this paint before in my pantry reveal. Shocker that I used it again, it's literally everywhere in my house.

While the shelves were drying, I went to work on the metal pieces.  Out came my new favorite metal spray, Rust-OLeum Champagne Mist , for 2 light coats on the metal pieces and the feet.

I let the whole shebang dry a couple of days for good measure then applied a protective coat of Varathane Water Based Clear Satin Polyurethane to the them a bit of protection and a lovely light sheen.

Finally, I screwed it all back together, and here she is! She's gone from Yikes to Yay.
[after. hello gorgeous!]
Now all I have to do is decide where to put her.  I kinda liked these kitchen goodies gracing her shelves...maybe I can find a place for her in the kitchen.

Thanks as always for reading friends!
Let me know in the Comments if you have any questions and I'll be glad to answer them if I can.

All supplies from Home Depot, all purchased with my own hard earned cost less than $25.

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