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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

forever fall, feeling vintage.

There's something truly magical about October.

It's that first cold snap. The smell of fires burning in neighborhood fireplaces.
It's that time of year when I start eyeing my sweaters and vests. I can't wait to start layering.

And though I love decorating with vintage goodies all year round, when October comes I seem to reach for and appreciate them even more. I guess it's that sense of history and sense of place. I yearn for it in the Fall.

Today that meant nestling some vintage doorknobs and door plates in with my white pumpkins.
Absolutely adore the sparkle on those doorknobs!
[white pumpkins with vintage door hardware].
We picked this hardware up about 15 years ago at an architectural salvage store.  Salvage stores are wonderful treasure troves...I can spend hours there.

It's also where we scored some gorgeous vintage salvaged windows, like this one we hung above the fireplace:
[vintage salvaged window].
Here are the instructions for how we hung it ; it was easy and she has a good story!

Everywhere I look lately, I'm spying incredible vintage happiness. Like this Volvo in East Portland:
[volvo, east portland].
Amazing, right? What I wouldn't give to cruise around in that baby.

While not strictly vintage, this adorable little creamer I found certainly has that vintage vibe, not to mention delicious Fall color:
[vintage-style creamer].

Of course there is always and forever the wonderful home section of Anthropologie, where this delightful beauty shot to #1 on my wishlist:
[oh Anthro, you got me. again.]

Last but not least...I was installing a server at a client's new office last week.
I about fell over when I saw this salvaged sliding barn door:
[salvaged sliding barn door].
You guys would be super proud of took every fiber of my being not to rip it off the track and run out the door with it. But I didn't.

Only because it's too heavy for me to carry.

I did, however, get the name of the guy that sourced and installed it  :-)
I'm not *completely* insane.

Till next time, friends!

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