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Friday, January 2, 2015

after Christmas - decorating for winter.

Happy New Year friends!
I hope you had a gorgeous holiday season.

Didn't it just fly by? I can't believe I'm [slowly] taking down the Christmas decorations.

But don't despair! Even though Christmas is but a memory, there is still plenty of winter left for cozy decorating:

Pull up a chair. Throw an uber cozy faux fur blankie on top. Fill a wonderful basket with frosty pinecone wreaths.  Hmmm now what's missing?

Oh yes. The coffee. Sorely needed to survive a Christmas dismantling session.

[Interesting how that meant the basket needed reorganizing after the coffee came around!]

What about you? Does Christmas decor still rule in your house? Or is it already long gone?

Wishing you all the best this New Year!

accessory sources...
HomeGoods: basket on table
Pier1: frosty pinecone wreaths, faux fur blankie
DecorSteals: Reindeer Feed pillow
World Market: hanging basket

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