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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas tour of my parents house.

[Christmas vignette].
Hi lovelies!

I just returned to Portland from two weeks at my parents' house.

Their taste is flawless! And I was so charmed by the Christmas touches in their home, I wanted to share them with you. 

[of course I asked permission first! don't want to get put on restriction don't you know]

So last Spring my parents moved to this charming little town near Ft. Worth TX, called Granbury. 
It has a wonderful courthouse square in the old downtown, surrounded by shops and an opera house.
This is the courthouse on the Square:
[granbury courthouse at the Square].
Can you believe how wonderful? Those are Christmas lights at the top that stretch down to each corner of the Square.  I loved that shot so much I've already blown it up to 16x20 and framed it!

But I digress.  I'm meant to be showing you Christmas decorations at the house, I think.

This is the family room.  I love the elegance of the red berries in the vase, and the little vignette on the coffee table.

[lantern with lights near the fireplace]
The dining room has pops of red with more berries and a snowflake runner, as well as twinkle lights and chandelier greenery:

[I've already got dibs on this sideboard if they ever tire of it]

Love those battery operated twinkle lights! They're on flexible wire so they're super easy to tuck into tight spaces without seeing the bulky cord you typically have on Christmas light strands.

Their master bedroom even got in on the act!  With red and cream as the primary colors in their room, a red lumbar pillow and a wicker tray of berries add the perfect Christmas touch.

A snowy wreath with berries and plaid ribbon bring Christmas color to the dresser wall.  Oops I forgot to move the Christmas card box!

You might've noticed I didn't have a shot of a Christmas tree...unfortunately it got lost in their move so they'll be buying a new one.  Next year!

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