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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas under glass - decorating with mason jars.

Happy December 1st, friends!

Did you stop to take a breath after Thanksgiving?

Or did you dive head-first into Christmas decorating?

It seems like the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas fly by so quickly, there's barely time to put up the Christmas decorations.  I tell you, a little eggnog latte really helps it along  :-)

I love decorating with mason jars and glass vessels. They really work well for snowy little Christmas scenes and they're so simple to do.

This year I did the very easy tree and epsom salt combo...

Then I decided to use one of my footed glass vessels and put a wee village inside.  The Dollar Store has some great miniature village pieces...churches, little houses, frozen ponds, and adorable bridges.

I picked up a beautiful church...and gave it a misting of my favorite color, Rust-O-Leum Champagne Mist. I tucked the church into my footed vessel with a little bottlebrush tree and some fresh cedar clippings from my garden:
[dollar store church sprayed with champagne mist].
Because I gave it only a light misting, you can still see some of the original colors under the Champagne. I like how it gives it a little more depth and texture than if I'd hard-sprayed it all over.

PS. Oh! That print! It's from the wonderful Noel Chalk Set at the Caravan Shoppe.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas,

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